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LOL69 is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Jarriage is a hero.

This posse is mainly for fun so we do random things like go on a bear hunt, teamkill Persey1 repeatedly, doing co-op missions, doing gang hideouts, teamkill Persey1 repeatedly and climb high things just to jump off them.

Joining the posse

Ask x Amigo Chaos x on XBL because PS3s are fail. However this is mainly for fun so the most likely way in is to know a member.


  • x Amigo Chaos x
  • OrangeShavings
  • Ouchie94
  • Persey1


  • x Amigo Chaos x
  • OrangeShavings

Other members

  • Ouchie94
  • Persey1

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