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See there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.
The Man with No Name

La Reata (XBL) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse



We are a group of friends that like to play Red Dead Redemption, someones just for fun, other ones for addiction, but all of us love this Rockstar Masterpiece.


Our headquarters are located in the Blackwater Hotel, but most of our activities are realized in Cholla Springs County, specially in Armadillo.

Joining the posse

Contact any of the leaders in XBL to join us. Our requirements are:


The posse's standard mount is the American Standardbred, but if you have a better mount (such as Bonzo or any Legendary mount) your are free to use it. In case you haven't unlocked the American Standardbred yet, another member of the posse can give you their mount.


The posses's standard weapons are both the Semi-automatic Pistol and the High Power Pistol, the Bolt Action Rifle and the Semi-auto Shotgun.


  • Respect to other nationalities
  • Betrayal is strictly prohibited: you will not attack or kill any partner on purpose.
  • No Casual Aim: only Normal and Expert mode
  • No Glitching or any kind of cheat



  • Field Marshall - Sergio La Reata
  • General - Tiki 116
  • Colonel - Rafa181
  • Colonel - Blondie, Yates

Other members

  • Navy Captain - Osueka1996
  • Captain - joseluis 010
  • Captain - Fireblake
  • Sergeant - Alberto2796
  • Sergeant - gualtercarmine9
  • Private - SoulZone128
  • Private - Wiccano10
  • Private - germanWARLORD
  • Private - scapever

External links

Posse's Youtube Channel

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