RDR Posse

Las Hermanas Bandits is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a brutal gang of banditos who have no mercy for anyone. That's why we are located in Las Hermanas, a few months back we came there, hogtied every civillian and nun and burned them alive. We chose this place becuase we want to kill people as innocent as possible and it's good to defend because it has high walls and you can only enter on one side. We have no allies and our enemies are innocents, federales and the Mexican army. We are also planning on taking over El Matadero and Tesoro Azul, and who knows, we may even spread our gang to America and take over places like Fort Mercer and Cochinay. We are a PS3 gang. you can word your way up in the gang, we have ranks: 1. Bandito: You are a bandit, you will join other bandits and look for innocents, soldiers and federales and shoot them. 2. Respectable member: If you're a good member who can handle a gun and have proven not to have mercy for anyone, we will send you on special jobs and you can join fights at Sepulcro 3. Guard: You are on of the guards at Las Hermanas, or other towns if we've taken them over. You will stand on the wall and kill all people who come across. 4. Honorable member: If you've defended Las Hermanas well you will have this rank, you will join me and other honorable members to take over other towns like El Matadero (which is a very nice town to take over because they have a machine gun on top of one of the buildings. 5. Leader: If you proven to beat a great bandit and you are a good friend of us you will be one of the leaders and you can comment a small group of Banditos.

Joining the posse

To join the posse it doesn't matter what rank you are as long as you: 1. Have one of the Miscellaneous Mexicans characters. 2. Speak either English or Dutch. 3. Take the gang seriously (if you betray us, we will kill you in a way you will NOT like) 4. Do as the leader says or you will be seen as a traitor. 5. KILL Innocents 6. Have fun (Kill people) 7. Never have fun on your own! If you want to be a part add me as a friend on PS Network and send me a message, please tell me n this wiki if I have maximum amount of friends. My PSN name is: tomessi666. I know a guy who has started a posse for Mexican lawmen, sometimes we make appointments at Sepulcro to fight each other, you will be informed about that if you're a part of the gang. Why are you still reading? GO JOIN! That's an order, my friend!



  • tomessi666
  • AKanagu
  • Maybe you in the future ;)

Other members

  • OPEN
  • OPEN
  • OPEN
  • OPEN
  • OPEN

External links

Soon mr. AKanagu will design a site for us.


  • Tomessi66 and AKanagu both have never been Hero in single player, they were always Desperados.
  • If you would give tomessi666 a penny for every person he killed, he would be richer than Bill Gates.

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