League Of Hunters

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League Of Hunters is a Red Dead Redemption posse on the Xbox360.

About the posse

The League Of Hunters are a posse of hunters who go round hunting the beast of the land but also our posse is hired to track down other payers and hunt them down

Rules of The Posse

  • 1. Obey the Leaders commands
  • 2. No Killing any off our members ( 1. warning 2. warning 3. killed and kicked from posse in that game 4.loopkilled and 3 day suspension from the posse 5. Permo Ban deletion from friends list and muted )
  • 3. Only track and kill other players under the leader consent (unles he's the most wanted)
  • 4. Same as above but for posse's
  • 5. Shoot any oher hunter who's not in the posse

Joining the posse

To join this posse you have to least be level 15 and then contact pigsta221 and i will allow you to join or post your name underneath

  • NameHere


Unless someone objects(put your name below) this page along with the posse will go as i am switchimg back to gta 4 feel free to stay on my friends list however



  • Leader - Pigsta221
  • Co-Leader - OPEN SPOT (due to the co-leader trading in the game)

Deer Poachers

  • Axele09
  • ASSASS1N KING97 (when he gets back from his holiday he will have his copy waiting)
  • UnwilledXale

Cougar Catchers

  • DevillSpawn
  • o0Ramen Boy0o

Master Hunters


External links

Website not in production let but i might set one up

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