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League of Outlaw Hunters is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The League of Outlaw Hunters was created by an unknown hunter. The League was first recognised during a raid at Armadillo 1879, when a Blackwater marshal, Pete McKenzie, a corrupt official of Irish decent, visited Armadillo on a vicious run for gold and jewels. There he had raped and killed 3 whores and a bartender. The people of Armadillo had called upon the Outlaw Hunters to take a hit out on the official, who was riding to Blackwater on a Thursday, 14th Febuary, was ambushed four outlaws by horse. They shot and murdered McKenzie and three of his bodyguards. Now its members are old and frail, though frail they be, skilled they are. Type of Jobs that the League will use for employment: Bodyguards. Hitmen. Raiders. Spies.


Above level 20. (Just below) The use of high powered pistol is disregaded. Though if used, permission mus be given from the leaders/presidents. To NOT kill another member's horse or steal it. To betray the posse and to kill another member. Glitching is prohibited. To not have the same character as another player and to not play as a zombie [for more realistic gameplay]


Level 19-23 : Boot-Duster

&nbsp Level 24-26 : Hang Around

Level 27-29 : Initiated

Level 30-31 : Crow Shooter

&nbsp Level 32-33 : Full Member

Level 34-35 : Outlaw

Level 36-37 : Arms

Level 38-40 : Warlord

&nbsp Level 45-48 : Master of the Gun

&nbsp Level 50 : U.s Outlaw.

&nbsp If there are any requests for ranks or new names for them please contact me.


Chapters of the League are as follows, if there are a landgrab, and the winner who is above or at the same level of Warlord, they become the "King or Queen" of the Chapter, or the area they have took control of.The Kings/Queens should be protected by loyal members.

Joining the posse

To join the Posse, one must be higher than level 20. Have a skill in-game, for example, a master hunter or a skilled sniper. Contact Bik3rOutlaw.


  • Leader 1 Bik3rOutlaw
  • Leader 2 Totally Evl

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