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About the posse

We like doing things like hunting, pub fights, bounty hunting, Mexican standoffs. We only fight back if we are threatented and if you even fire a shot near us we will attack as well

Joining the posse

Have an interest in hunting, decent horse riding skills, have a good aim not using dead eye, always up for challenge


We have 3 paths avilable for when you join you will select 1 path and will work up until you leave or are max rank in that path

The paths are

1. Hunter Ranks:

Trapper, Catcher, Trainer, Journeyman, Hunter, Ranger, Survivilst, Master Hunter

2. Rider Ranks:

Rider, Trainer, Traveler, Journeyman, Escort, Expert Rider, Master Rider

3. Fighter Ranks:

Fighter, Rifleman, Trainer, Journeyman, Shotgunner, Soldier, Marksman, Gunner, Master Fighter

Each Rank has benefits and these will be explained

Ways to join

Send a message to eithier eVo BULLETZx or eVo ViiPERZz then you will choose your test {we are on XBL} eVo BULLETZx is the 1st leader so send 2... eVo BULLETZx

1. Take down 2 bears with your knife without dying

2. beat one of the leader in a duel

3. complete at least master hunter 2



  • eVo BULLETZx Lv40
  • eVo ViiPERZz Lv37

Other members

  • eVo HunterXx
  • xMLGxLaMbErTx

Posse Headquarters

Rathskeller Fork

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