Hello and welcome to the Red Dead Wiki page - Legends Of Red Dead.

What is 'Legends Of Red Dead'?

Legends Of Red Dead are in infamous clan on the XBOX 360 Game Red Dead Redemption. True to it's name the clan consists of Legends Of Red Dead.

Who are the members?

A full memberlist can be found here:

Lord Blood Lust (Leader)

Lord Costello (Leader)

Lord Horrorshow (Leader)

Lord ReeefleX (Leader)

Lord Lunatic (Member)

Lord RagingBull (Member)

What area of expertise does Legends Of Red Dead cover?

Legends Of Red Dead are based in Normal Gang Matches

Is it possible to join Legends Of Red Dead?

Legends Of Red Dead is a highly exclusive clan, metaphorically 'reserved' for the best players on Red Dead Redemption however if you feel you are up to this standard please feel free to contact any of our members.

Is it possible to play against Legends Of Red Dead?

We are based in Normal Gang Matches, you can find us often in public sessions. If however you wish to play us in private then similarly comtact any of our members with your clan name, your intentions and times.

Thank you for taking your time to read 'Legends Of Red Dead's' Page!

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