Lord vs xRDSx 8v8 Armadillo HYO 110:53

Lord vs xRDSx 8v8 Armadillo HYO 1

Screen shot 2013-02-09 at 1.33.42 PM

Lord Official Member List


Lord Fredinho  (xRDRx, MP3, FIFA) - Fredinho *(Lord, RDR, NBK, TWO)

Lord Horrorshow  (RDR, MK, HALO) - Heartless *(Lord, NBK)

Lord Costello  (RDR, MP3, COD) - Nugget *(Lord, NBK, xRSLx MDRx)


Lord KH4LIFA (RDR, FIFA) - Notorious *(Lord, DsK, xRDSx, DRSxx)

Ix Dark Lord xI (RDR, FIFA) - Warlord *(Lord, xPROx, TWO)

xComeAtMeBrah (RDR, MP3, COD) - ComeAtMeBrah *(Lord, NBK, 187)

Lord xMaster1 (RDR, COD) - MASTER IV *(Lord, SoK)

RDR Members

Lord IDangerouS (RDR, FIFA, COD) - IDangerouS *(Lord, DsK, NBK)

Lord Amaziing (RDR, MP3) - IPa13LO *(Lord, DsK, FAK) 

Lord TappSmear (RDR, FM4,  MP3, ME3) - TappSmear *(Lord, NBK)

Lord Chepe Vz (RDR, FIFA) - Chepe/Diego *(Lord, NBK, xRDSx, xRDRx)

Lord BasicEdoard (RDR, FIFA) - Eduard *(Lord, DsK, NBK)

Lord Herculles x (RDR) - Fake Account *(Lord)

Armageddon 187x (RDR, COD) - Armageddon *(Lord, xRDSx, 187)

Lord Doley (RDR) - Maverick *(Lord, TWO) 

Lord KaiiPool (RDR) - DEADPOOL *(Lord, xRDSx, TWO, uT)

OnEBADASSLord x (RDR, BF3) - DuffleBagBoy *(Lord)

Lord R3Dwrath (Retired from RDR) - RedWrath *(Lord, zBWWz)

Lord Lazaruss (Retired from RDR) - Fake Account *(Lord)

Lord Phenominal (RDR) - Adiiiisgh *(Lord, xPROx)

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