Legends of New Austin is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse


President: Leads a chapter of the Legends in one of the mutliple states in New Austin and Mexico. They have the power to call votes, lead rides and to attend national meetings.

Vice President: The second in command of the chapters, they are the advisors to the Presidents and will take over if the president is unavailable.

Road Master: The third in command of the chapters, the R.M attends to the discipline to their own chapter members, if a member is out of line, the Road Master will put them back in line however they see fit.

Secretary: These members are the people who take the GT from each of their chapter's members and will take notes from them to pass to the President and Road Master if they are unavailable to join a certain match.

Legend: The brothers and sisters. These are the fully "patched in" members of the Legends of New Austin, they are the soldiers and the bodies that give this posse its honour.

Miners: These are the budding legends who are working to patch into the posse, recognised as "half-way" members, they are allowed to ride alongside full members, join them in battles but are not allowed to attend meetings or gatherings.

Face: A face is a player who is friends with a majority of the posse's members and as such, have the total respect from each member. As a face, they are given the choice to become a Miner if they so please.


A brother/sister who is charged with friendly fire with the intent to grief will be busted down from their rank and given the title of miner until they have learned their lesson.

A brother/sister who griefs other players during gang hideouts without their starting it, will be exiled from the posse for such a time their Road Master see's fit to let them back in.

A brother/sister who leaves a Legend's posse during free roam to join another that is housed of non members WITHOUT their posse leader's permission will have shown their loyalty and will be excumminicated from the Legends of New Austin.

Hacking is strictly ilegal within the Posse, glitches such as standing on the horse or jumping through buildings is allowed, slightly, however, any of them who have hacked the game to get legend, golden guns and mounts without earning them will be reported, excummunicated and spam killed until they leave. Hacking ruins player's gameplay and shows you for how spineles you are.

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