Welcome to the Red Dead Wiki for The Legion of Red Dead or Legion XIII. Everything about this clan including Members, Leaders, Pictures, Links, Recruit and About the Posse is contained within this page. There are also some videos of clan activities from within the game.  This clan is hoping for a sequel to RDR and is now playing GTA V, CoD Ghosts, and other games. This clan accepts PSN Players that play Red Dead Redemption who are good people, who play clean and will stay loyal to the clan.  The Legion does not cheat or camp and will teach people to be better if they want. Send them a message on PSN or Facebook if you're intrested or need any further details and questions.                       

Legion of Red Dead (LORD)                                                                                                                                                                             300px-Photo.jpeg



About the posse

Legion of Red Dead was born in 24th January 2013, some of the creators were former VIEs, everyone else friends. There are currently 22 members.  The goals of Legion is to be the strongest through friendship and game play. Legion was mainly created for players with a passion for RDR; to do things together like train, improve, accomplish achievements, trophies, titles, gold guns, explore free roam, try new things, practice.  Legion plays in all game modes, but mostly casual.

Joining the posse

The Clan is on PSN and facebook. The best way to join is to speak to one of the leaders below by adding them on PSN.


  • Lord_Toadrider
  • Lord_DZ
  • Lord_Cowboy
  • Lord_Shadowscale
  • Lord_ThrustyPuss
    Tesoro Azul-003:23

    Tesoro Azul-0

Other members

  • Lord_Ruckuss
  • Lady_Luckee (early member who used Lady)
  • Lord_Augusta (currently inactive)
  • Lord_Aaricia (uses only Lord acct for all games)
  • Lord__DJinn (has 2 underscores __ after Lord)
  • Lord_ThunderBoy
  • Lord_Band (currently inactive)
  • Lord_Neil_Bformy


  • Lord_DareDevil (currently inactive)
  • Lord_BlueWaffle
  • Lord_ToonRaider
  • Lord_Michelotto (currently inactive)
  • Lord_Thugz (currently inactive)
  • Lord_Misty (currently inactive)
  • Lord_JMCtheRock (joined late 2013)
  • Lord_RastaKing (joined Jan 2014 - most recent recruit)


External links for more information for the Clan.

Check our Facebook Too for even more information 

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