Loco Syndicate is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse (XBL)

Running back from when Liberty City was New Rotterdam, The Loco Syndicate is a family run gang which has moved to the West from Liberty City looking for a new challenge.

We walk alone In the unknown We live to win another victory We are the young Dying sons We live to change the face of history so be afraid It's the price we pay The only easy day was yesterday So hear our voice, We have a choice, It's time to face it

We are one We are one We are one We will stand together Number one Number one The chosen ones We are one We are one We will fight forever We are one and we won't tire

We are the bold United souls We live to win another victory Our sacred scars Show who we are And tell the story of our memories

(12 Stones-We Are One)

Joining the posse

Coming soon.


  • Dowsey192


  • Dowsey192
  • TheRandomHero80

Other members

  • Coming soon.

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