Lol donkeys


Lol donkeys is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

About the name: LOLman3333 and previously golden DONKEY69.

We do really weird shi- i mean stuff to do with bears. In a non-sexual way. Most of the time.....

Oh and by the way, really serious posses can go blow themselves. It is a game. So what if we can't survive you and your 'super badarse noob killing super elite sniper team', we'll respawn in about 10 seconds on the other side of the map. The lol donkeys play for fun and enjoyment.

Joining the posse

Sorry, we are not accepting anyone else except people we know

Gus is currently re-applying for membership. He will be reinstated if he successfully completes 'The Gauntlet'.



  • golden donkey69 (PREVIOUS)
  • lolman3333

Other members

  • Oscar sometimes I suppose
  • Maybe someone else...
  • Potentially Gus

External links

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