Old West Texas Flag

The Symbol of the Lone Star Legends.

Lone Star Legends is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Remember the Alamo! We are the Lone Star Legends, a group of Texas Outlaws bringing Lawlessness and Chaos to the Frontier. The Legends control some parts of New Austin and West Elizabeth. Other players are allowed into the territories, just don't start anything... We got some rules to go along with are Posse, and here they are:

Rule One: A Posse is an organization that works together. That means listen to orders, and help each other. If one posse members disagrees with a course of action, they are allowed to speak out against it. If a player is constantly attack other members of the Posse, they will be banned and become an enemy of the Posse.

Rule Two: Keep Peace when needed. Do not attack players who are just riding by, unless attacked first. If we are attacked by another posse, expect a War.

Rule Three: No Glitchers or Modders.

Rule Four: Arguements between Posse Members will be settled by a Duel.

Territories of the Legends:

  • Armadilo
  • Thieves Landing
  • Tanner's Reach
  • Aurora Basin
  • Silent Stead
  • Repentance Rock
  • Nekoti Rock
  • Rattlesnake Hollow
  • Mescalero

Joining the posse

To join the posse, you must be above Rank 20. Send a Message to LoneStarSamurai.



  • LoneStarSamurai (Founder and Leader)
  • GOOBER WARRIOR (General)

Other members

  • Monkeygun44
  • LegitBabyBear
  • LT Grave Digger etc.

External links

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