Longcoat Outlaws is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

Known history about the Longcoat Outlaws

The Longcoat outlaws were formed on January 2, 1905 By TuxedoDolphin. Before he formed the game he was known for pulling petty thefts and and suspected of first degree murder.He was found one evening inside a rundown shack by around 20 law officers, He surrendered to the law and was sent to the Armadillo jail. A month of his 10 year sentence was up when he managed to break out with the help of a small time criminal disguised as a lawman. After a very violent shootout which resulted in the death of several lawmen, 5 civilians, and the one who helped him break out, TuxedoDolphin managed to get away. He went off the radar for 2 years before reamerging as the leader of the Longcoat outlaws.


1887 May 4th: Petty theft

1887 September 19: Petty theft

1889 Unknown month or day: First degree murder (Suspected only)

1895 October 31: Attempted bank robbery, did NOT manage to take any money

1900 April 15: Horse theft

1903 June 14: Placed under arrest in a small, rundown house.

1903 July 14: Several murders and Jail break

1905 August 9: Bank robbery, Stole over 1000 U.S Dollars with a new gang, named the Longcoat Outlaws.

1906 November 7: Attempted assassination on Cheif of Armadillo Police

1907 October 14: Assassination of Cheif of Armadillo Police

1908 July 4: Attempted assassination of Govenor of Blackwater

1911 April 1: Robbery of Blackwater bank, 10,000 U.S Dollars Stolen

1913 April 10: Assassination of Govenor of Blackwater. Named Public Enemy Number 1

Pointless stuff about teh posse

We are just a bunch of people that like to have fun. We do gang hideouts to level up but most of the time we do duels, "rob" banks and stores, and have massive cop shootouts, and yes I know that the "the" in the title is spelled wrong. Our BOO A.K.A Base of Operations is Pleasance House

My signature is:



none so far

Join the posse or you will be fed to unicorns, and how to join.

Send me a message on Xbox live

Gamertag: TuxedoDolphin

Outlaws that are in teh posse


  • Leader: TuxedoDolphin
  • 2nd in command: RainbowShamWow

Other members

  • xXcripplecrewXx
  • drake1448
  • farmerboy95jd
  • vladiimiir
  • impedyou

Stuff that no one cares about

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