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The Bandits

Los Bandidos del Oeste is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Los bandidos are are group of Mexican rebels and previously loyal Mexican troops here to over throw Abraham Reyes and take northern Mexico and parts of the southern U.S.

When "President" Reyes took power the first thing he did was kill all the loyal Mexican troops who some had wives, kids, mothers, and fathers. he just lined them up and unloaded in them. We will remember there sacrifice.

We my brothers and sister now must to clean this tyrant from our nation.. Viva MEXICO.

Now for real we are a group of guys that came together for there love of RDR. Like in GTA4 we are going to do gamebattles and fragnation ect....

We currently are members of The Hole in the Wall which is a way Red Dead clans can meet up with eachother.

Joining the posse

The Los Bandidos only has two spots open, but we are making a sister posse. If you want to join contact me on XBL: Acuranger. then go to our website



1. Acuranger

2. xSFx iDestroyer

3. SamuraiDELTA

4. robthebud

Mid range/ sniper team

1. Veto 4 kenster

2. My Snyper

Bounty Hunters/ Lonewolfs

1. JakTHeRiper2012

2. Zeik15

Reserve Inf.

1. Chronicka

2. Gorypta1

3. ironpopcorn4258

4. Nighthawk

5. Subility Tax

6. xAKAxSomeDude

7. XxStUnTINxAC3sx

8. ice man jessie


1. Acuranger 2. JakTHeRiper2012


The Characters in the posse must be Mexican, Army, Law enforcement

External links

The Clan website

The Hole In The Wall

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