Los Brochauchos is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Ride till we die, Brochauchos for Life! Think you can handle us? You must want to end your life. We shoot and we steal and we swear and we curse. If you mess with us you'll be riding in a Hearse.

You can find us in El Presidio or Mount Chaucho, chillin it up. But be prepared cause if you start a fight, we'll take your life and wife.

Joining the posse

You don't join the Brochauchos, you are born a Brochaucho.


Los Brochauchos are the meanest, toughest, handsomeness Chulos to ever grace to Wild West.


  • "Gordita Gordo" aka Fooze5
  • "Sabueso" aka KillJoyl4


"Los Dos Cahones Supremo" aka Zenelith16

"Dos Tiempo Dos Tonelada" aka Beerbong234

"El Rey Blanco" aka Antietam695

"El Sacerdote" aka JohnLockePriest

"El Rey Ginger" aka Tongs3

"Fuego Reloj" aka Nebula7

  • "Torte Tortuga" aka


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