Rebeldes2.jpg|thumb|250px|right]]:Los Rebeldes.jpg|right|Los Lesbos AWAAAAY!]]
Rebeldes dvd

Los Lesbos is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This should be pretty obvious! We're a devilish duo of dastardly and deadly Red Dead Redemption players! Also, we are incredibly handsome and rugged. So manly that women want us and other men want to be women (who then want us).

Joining the posse

You don't join Los Lesbos. You're born a Lo Lesbo (or a La Lesba if you're a woman). Come search for either of us on XBL and we'll roam the badlands screaming our battle cry "Los Lesbos AWAAAYY!"

(PS - You must love the Rebeldes to really be a Lo Lesbo. Or at least, love saying the word Rebeldes!)



  • Maelstrom Sith
  • El Bunto

Other members

  • This could be you!
  • You know you want to!
  • We'll be your best friends!

External links

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