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Los Lobos is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

A group of dedicated gamers on the PS3 that are willing to do anything in the name of the Primera( Leader). Los Lobos means in Spanish "The Wolves" and in Japanese "The Wolf Pack". This group is committed to the game "Red Dead Redemption" and will forcibly take down any opposer's.


1.No constant language.

2.No Racism of any kind.

3.Stick together with the rest of the Posse and help them.

4.If you have a complaint, take it up with the Chancellor (Dark_Mirrage)'

5.Please enjoy yourself, this is a game. Games were made for fun and enjoyment, not frustration and anger.

Ranking System:

Primera (Spanish for 1)- Supreme Overlord of the entire posse. Has power to recruit and expel players from the Posse. Also, has the power to generate new rules into the clan.

Segunda(Spanish for 2)-The Chancellor of the Posse acts as the "Eyes and Ears" of the Primera. He or She is very active within the game. She or He has the power to recruit and expel members. He or she negotiates with other Posse's or groups of players. The "Diplomat" to sum it up.

Tres(Spanish for 3)- The Warlord of the clan. Acts as the one who leads the other members into battle and organizes wars and Posse based Activity's. Has only the ability to recruit.

Números- The Basic members of the Posse, the lower the number, the higher the rank.

cronos001- The Highest Ranking Numeros so far. He is the equivalent to a Captain irl.

Joining the posse

Please send a message on PS3 too Dark_Mirrage or KPopp.Or go to our Youtube pages or



Primera: Dark_Mirrage (AKA Daniel)

Segunda: KPopp (AKA Kelly) (Really famous and cool Female Gamer)

Tres: incumbent

Other members

None Yet. The few that were on this list have ceased contact.

External links

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