Los tigres 2

Los Tigres is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Los Tigres will be a psn posse for those who are frequent and dedicated gamers. Los Tigres is spanish for 'The Tigers'. We will accept any and all who wish to join once the game has launched in the UK on Friday 21st of May. We will engage other posses on a regular basis on the online community and we hope to have a thriving and happy posse.

We moved to the American west from Spain after our then gang 'Los Tigres' was hunted by the spanish military for killing the Alcalde of Madrid over unpayed bribes. We fled to America to carry on our noble crimes. We kiddnap locals and hold them for money, we steal trains and stagecoaches and have wars with other posses in the West. On induction you will be branded with the Tiger Claw mark on your sholder so if you leave we will find and kill you! (Ps-This is just background info)

Los Tigres

Joining the posse

The posse will open on Friday 21st May and the Leader will be under the game of 'Fablemerc' (This is my Psn name.) We will accept anyone who can kill a bear alone to prove that the tiger is the king of the New world too.



  • Fablemerc
  • LU3-Ryan

Other members

  • c1d1b1d1e1
  • Liamnob
  • cvernet
  • zotn
  • noizekick

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