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Los bandidos de Borracha is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

A PS3 based rebel group which takes out authorities or other threatening posses. Although the name is mexican,the posse has eventually let american rebels into the gang.

Joining the posse

Just message me with Bandidos as a subject PSN:pinkolslarp

BTW,please use a mexican rebel character. I'm always Cristoban Borracha,the guy with a sombrero on his back.


  • Must have any rebel costume,mexican or american
  • Headset not required

What we do

  • XP Farming
  • Gang Activities
  • Battling other posses
  • Taking Bounties or Killing Public Enemies
  • Having fun


No Leaders,We ride equally


  • pinkolslarp
  • lolnikko
  • my_killer_smile
  • tru-fool
  • notalot
  • Member 7
  • Member 8


None yet

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