MEXICAN LOCOS gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse, in PSN.

About the posse

The MEXICAN_LOCOS gang is a PSN posse formed in Dec. 2010. IF you would like to try us out you are welcome to do so by adding MEXICAN_LOCO_OG and requesting a war. Either Gang mode or Free Roam mode. There is no leader in this posse, as WE ARE ALL LEADERS.

Rivals: Aztecas. Bigshow's Posse Guns and Roses.,Most_Hated

BIG_GUNS77 is now classed as a fag so we are doing the world a favour by saying "f*ck off BIG_GUNS77"

Joining the posse

If you would like to join the posse there are some requisites. First of all is that you obviously have to be Mexican (we are not intending racism in any way though), must also speak Spanish, and it doesn't matter if you are new or a Legend 5, we welcome all with the two requisites explained before so we are ok with teaching newcomers.


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