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Madmencheers Mad Men is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Mad Men was founded by [1] Mohander on 6/24/10.

The Rockstar Social Club Crew was founded on May 9th, 2012, and is a Rockstar Certified Founder Crew. The President of Mad Men is The Podmiester. The Vice-President of Mad Men is A Blunted Bullet.


MAD MEN is honored to share an allegiance with D WILD BUNCH & The Red River Resistance, MAD MEN & D Wild Bunch hold Official Posse Status at RedDead.Net

Code Of Conduct

Every Mad Men Member follows our Code Of Conduct

  • We do not tolerate racism.
  • We Show each other Mutual Respect.
  • We do not yell/shout in party with Posse.
  • We are Built Upon Ranks, & Respect Seniority.
  • We do not kill Posse Members or their Mounts if not in Competitive Modes.

Madmen logoplane

Challenge Mad Men

We're always looking for a Challenges from other Posses - We love competition. If Your Posse is interested in facing off against Mad Men in PVP; please fill in this form(If Member) or contact our Ambassador WelshGhettoBoy via XBL, & we shall get back to you as soon as possible...

Click here to challenge MAD MEN

Form An Alliance With Mad Men

Announce Alliance

Handshake mason

Joining the posse

Apply Now - MAD MEN Recruitment & Application

MAD MEN Members

  • Vice-President - Ozy - Suburban Cowboy
  • Consigliere - Old Bill - Head of the Class

  • Ambassador and Crew Leader - Alphapug - Public Relations

Mad Recruits

Mad Mercenaries


* Mad Men Legends *

  • Valjean
  • DangerGirl
  • Badunkadunker

(Subject To Change)

External links

MAD MEN Public & Private forums MAD MEN YouTube Channel


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