Maniac Militia(XBL) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Our posse is a fun posse to be apart of. Although we due regularly have wars against other clans we do many other things! While not fighting other clans our clan will do many things like mythbusting, leveling up the lower levels, and exploring glitches. Mythbusting is a fun part we do where we just search the map for varous easter eggs that Rockstar has been known to put into all their games! The people in this clan are all fun to play with so if your interested in joining just read the next section!!

Joining the posse

Due to the lack of numbers we once had joining the posse isnt as hard as it once was. We are in fact a clan but changing your gamertag isnt required. However, if you want to join we have give you a three day riding period to check if your skilled enough, get along with other members, etc. We prefer that the timezone you live in is not to big of a difference as our scheldule will then be harder to make. Players in this clan MUST be a Dutch's gang character skin that isnt being used by another member, and display the "Maniac Militia Member' as their title and also you have to have a working mic. One more important factor for joining members is you must know the map, its areas, and be able to ride your mount without slacking behind!!! To join us you must be able to get on as much as possible!! If your interested just send one of the leaders a message and your trial shall begin!!



-SAM I AM6937


Other Members:

  • iSofistikated
  • A Fuzzy Octopus
  • schrute25

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