Maniac Militia TEXT

Maniac Militia (XBL) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This posse is an XBL Free roam/Gang shootout clan based around getting experience as fast as possible and teamwork. There is a PS3 version of this posse for people who have RDR for PS3. The PS3 version of the clan is not owned by me or any other member of the clan.

Joining the posse

Send me a message over XBL that you wish to join the posse. You will have to beat me, Dane1221, in a 1on1 duel match.

  • No little kids
  • Minimum level is 10
  • Must own a microphone



  • Dane1221
  • Keatyn005



Allied Clans

We currently have no allied clans at the moment.

Enemy clans

We are currently not at war with any clans at the moment

Additional Information

We haven't any members yet, this clan is very new. Please bear with us as we recruit more members.

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