About this Posse

The Marshalls of the West are a posse that currently has time to band their members together, but they call themselves the members of a gang that doesn't work for the law, but works in favour of the law. In other words, this posse tries their hardest to get rid of any criminal minded, bandit or outlaw posse that stands in their way... hence the term 'marshall'.

Logo of Marshall of the West Posse

Their Goal

In Red Dead Redemption, the Marshalls of the West have only one goal: to bring every god forbidden yellowbelly criminal to Justice using only one tactic - Violence.

We are a posse that works only on Xbox Live, on the xbox 360 and work as a team to kill other criminal posses.


Posse Leaders

XBL Gamertag - xomg itz jack x

XBL Gamertag - Contourassassin

We are currently working on our posses members and will continue to produce a list of all of our members in the future.


How to Join

Just send a message on Xbox Live to this Gamertag:

xomg itz jack x

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