Mercenaries of the Disciple 9 is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Claymore here, me and my friend Zues are the main leaders of the 9 disciples who rid of the government of there corrupt and hatefull ways. Our Game is simple, Defend the base why others attack other posses, Become Public Enemy or just Goof of at our base,"Hotel bravo. Just like Mercenaries, you can hire us to kill other people in your game, If we are currently on a bounty we will try to get to you ASAP. e

Joining the posse

1. Must be Lvl 20 or Above (Lvl Up Sessions every Sun 6:00 Western time
2. Any Character is good but i prefer from the Rebeldes or Dutchs gang
3. No BULLS**ting Around, You work for your self
4. Must be place in top 3 in any gang match
5.* Complete a "Enemy of State" heist And Get the achievement Most Wanted
6.* Complete A Contract.
7. At least Finnish 1 of the 4 main challenges in the journal
8. Play 10 free roams with me or other players
9.*Complete a Posse/Gang war

  • Ask Claymore



  • Leader 1 iHaRt C1aYm0rE
  • Leader 2 Light Zues

Other members

  • Baxslapers
  • CodMw2 Bean
  • dekiller

External links

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