Merk Squad is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

San Diego, CA, MERK SQUAD BITCHES!!!! XBOX 360!!_______ now something about us. we are just a friendly group of people who have fun and are kick ass at having it. when people get in our way or mess with us, we MERK them. our skills are all average, but we all have something that we are better at than others. (see below next to gamertag)

Joining the posse

Send Message over xbox live to one of the leaders, no lagging connection. we will reply.... rules stated about joining below

Jumping In for 1 minutes against posse, then one on one fist fight vs. each memeber



  • GErM4n GiLEs --- Gunslinger Leader, Medium Combat Range Expert, best fist fighter
  • TJ6194life --- Sniper leader, horseback sniper, best horseback rider

Other members

  • TEAM PICKLE --- Close Range Combat Expert
  • chucky37 --- Long Distance Combat Expert
  • TheMuppet4 --- Greenhorn

External links

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