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Join the Mexican army, your country needs you

Mexican Army is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse


We are a large group of soldiers who want to keep the country save, we hunt Rebels and Banditos, we clear towns like Nosalida and Tesoro Azul from all kinds of pigs. Are you tired of all posses demanding that you're a high level? Well don't worry you can join even if you're rank one but you'll be a Soldier and have to take orders from us.


Joining the posse

Sorry no Joining, the posse is retired.



The general is the leader of the army and has command over the entire army he is as character Jose Rodriguez

  • Gen. tomessi666

General de Brigada

The general de brigada takes over the generals place if the general is not there. he is as character on of the U.S. Army.

  • There is no General de Brigada yet. (we're looking for one, if you're a high rank and you would like to be GdB. Tell me.


The cornel gives orders to capitans and is a very important man. He can do whatever he wants unless the general says otherwise. he is as character Jose Rodriguez or Agustin Allende

  • Cor. A_Kanagus
  • Cor. Daantjuh_1234
  • Cor. Bever-fever103


The Capitans give commands to the soldados and corporals according to the coronels. he is as character Jose Rodriguez or Vincente de Santa

  • Cpt. vinhek12
  • Cpt. bodin7
  • Cpt. play-fox
  • Cpt. NOOSE_Officer


Corporals lead groups of Soldados, they tell them when to shoot and how to attack. The always listen to higher ranks and never improvise. They're as character Juan Vargas

  • Cpl. Luis_L_P0wnszcz_U
  • Cpl. Gast-457
  • Cpl. Cpl. Y879i57Q
  • Cpl. iBas57
  • Cpl. KingOKings67


Soldado is the lowest rank, he listens to higher ranks and never goes of on his own. he is as a character Juan Vargas

  • Sol. sanvic12
  • Sol. kanaguarrie43
  • Sol. Mason88
  • Sol. Y2J_Fan_29
  • Sol. Vlad123lol
  • Sol. Mr_Flapjack731

Hall of Fame

These are the brave men who have done something special for the army. Below it also says how to get in the list, Getting in the hall of fame always means you're ranked:

  • Gen. tomessi666
  • Cor. AKanagu
  • Cor. Daantjuhh_123
  • Cpt. Noose_Officer
  • Cpl. Luis_L_P0wnszcz_U
  • Cpl. iBas57
  • The man who kills KILLANATOR999
  • The man who kills EvilMonkey131313

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