The Nazis of the Wild West

Mexican Nazi is a Red Dead Redemption posse. About the Regime:

The posse has anything and everything to do with the mexican culture, the rest doesnt exist.As posse members we are to follow everything our culture believes in an destroy anyone who isnt mexican. destroying their fun and leaving a mark in history to show that we are not just a patient sort of people but a rebellious and dangerous kind.

Joining the Regime:

This posse has no members at the moment besides the Mexican Nazi Leader, i will start accepting invitations on the 5th or 6th of November. no further details

Members accepted by:

Xbox360 users only

Mexican Nazi Leader:

  • Leader C l o u d N ii n e

Other Soldiers:

Contacts: Username: C l o u d n ii n e Username: C l o u d N ii n e E~Mail:

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