Mexican Super man sign

Mexican Super Team is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a group of Mexicans who have finely tuned our skills in border crossing skills, we have been crossing the border for many a year and our main duty is to protect our fortress at the heart our Mexican empire, the Mexican Super Fort.

Joining the posse

To join the Mexican Super Team, you must undergo various tasks that may turn you insane in the attempt of joining our prestigious clan.

These are:

- Killing 2 bears at once equipped only with a knife, this demonstrates your fine skills in the art of the blade, a true essential needed when protecting the Mexican Super Fort from invading enemies when spirits and ammunition are low.

- You must also show your border crossing skills by travelling from the Mexican Super Fort to the Mexican Super International Fort equipped only with a mule and your hopes of becoming a member of the Mexican Super Team.

- One mystery task from the leaders of the posse is to be expected inside the game...

Once these tasks are demonstrated you may become on of the Mexican Super Team provided that your character is of a Mexican descent.




Other members

  • None has passed our joining requirements yet...can you be the first?

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