Mexicans is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are Mexicans! We shall fight for the freedom of Mexico, We shall fight for all that is good, WE SHALL FIGHT!

We are a group of Mexicans who are fighting for Mexico, here is out story:

On the horizon a black line appered, it came closer and closer. "hand me a gun," Xander1997 said, "it... it..... it's the Americans," said a man. BOOOOM Torquemada was blasted apart by a cannon, "REGROUP MEN!" Nathan-Edge shouted. But it was to late they had come and gone but this isn't over......We are Mexicans fighting against America and for Mexico to be the superpower of Red Dead Redemption, Xander1997 and Nathan-Edge a group of Mexicans who were attacked by the Americans at their base of Torquemada, and that ment war! This was the the begining of the Mexican revolution. The next day the newly formed posse rode to the border of America to have battle with them the first day many lives were lost on both sides the tide changed to Mexico when the Mexicans flanked round the Americans, with nowhere to go the Americans surrendered, but they will be back! This is our story.

Joining the posse

If you would like to join the posse please send a message to Xander1997 or Nathan-Edge, your outfit will have to be Mexican and a test will be your test to join our Army, also would be good if you have a mic and used it when online with us.

Golden Weapons and Levelling Up

Through joining the Mexicans you will have access to our ways and methods of fast levelling up and how to unlock golden weaponry while doing so. This only exclusive to members of the posse. Having golden weapons will grant you to privileges within the posse and also increase your rank.


Xander1997 Nathan-Edge I-NatT archwill1 branflake200 edddie22 sentos333


  • Xander1997 (Founder and General)
  • Nathan-Edge (Co-Founder and Co-General)


Level 50 - General of Mexicans Level 40 - Aztec Warrior Level 30 - Mayan Warrior Level 20 - Eagle Warrior Level 10 - Tigar Warrior Level 0 - Mexican

(Or if asked to be one of these levels)

(Lowest level drives cart and next lowest rides shotgun everyone else in the passanger seats If you legend you will start for bottom again or not if you are told that you will be a leader of any other rank.)


■Hunting ■Leveling up XP ■Horse racing ■Posse wars ■Training ■Fighting Outlaws ■Fighting lawmen ■Co-Op missions


A new feature were you make a character and a job and live the life as a in the wild-west their will be many different jobs to have fun doing and it will mainly be around a certain city/town the more info will be come clearer in the game.

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