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Mexico Army is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

We are the American Army, changed from Mexican. This clan has been going since 2011 and is still going.

To join you must be a American solider. Except Buffaloe Solider, Jan Booth, Gaptooth McGee or Eric Morganson.

  • Leader 1 - Natto27
  • Leader 2 - I_-JoEmC-_I
  • Leader 3 - KID_DAPZ
  • Leader 4 - Tactical_Rangerz
  • Leader 5 - Iown-liamh-Iown

  • Member 1 - KID_DAPZ
  • Member 2 - ShadowCloven
  • Member 3 - SgtJoeBlack
  • Member 4 - SCOUSE_GAMER
  • Member 5 - W3L5H-G4M3R-PROz
  • Member 6 - Iown-nath27-Iown
  • Member 7 - Iwasborntorun


Base 1 - Pacific Union R.R Camp

Base 2 - Benedict Point

Rules: 1. No killing civilians without permission.

2. Leaders must be well protected.

3. No... killing... horses!!! Or any other animal. This goes out to people like I_-JoEmC-_I.

4. No Tomahawks or Knives used close to people.

5. Horses only.

If any of these are broken, its a 20 minute jail time at the nearest jail. If continued 30 minute. Once again and 60 minute. After that... KICKED!

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