Midwestern Mercenaries is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We're a newly formed posse on XBL that involves ourselves in other peoples conflicts. We go after the public enemies in free roam, and kill whichever players in the game we feel like killing. Making people Nerdrage is a bonus for us and making players rage out of the game will get you props and promoted, along with killing the public enemies.

We work in teams of two, with our posse splitting up across the game world for easier communications and travel. The posse leader will make waypoints for rallying to if we ever need to fight as one unified force, but otherwise...we work in our normal teams of two.

Joining the posse

Send Cyclone Rabbit a message, and he'll invite you into a private free roam to evaluate your skills with a gun in a 1 V 1 session. if your seen as skilled enough with a gun, and can follow directions, you'll be let into the posse and given a partner. You'll also be promoted as you do more in the posse, like taking out public enemy players, and backing up your partner in a firefight. your teamwork with your partner will be very important while in the posse.



  • Cyclone Rabbit

Other members

  • Mcgraw x3
  • Redcrism
  • Treson 55
  • Unforgiven118

External links

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