Mong Squad is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Group of toothless, mindless, mishaped heads, MONGOLOIDS roaming the country side looking to cause fear and panic in all that gaze upon them. If you come across this group of mongs, run for your life because they will drool on you and then shoot you if they are not busy shooting each other before they have any chance of reaching any goal!

Joining the posse

You must be born with a size 9 head, be that guy from goonies, or one of Kbohs friends from NOLA!!! if none of the above apply, ask Sooper JB, Konpound, or Happy to join.



  • Kboh99
  • Sooper JB

Other members

  • Happy Beandip
  • Konpound
  • Escobarr
  • Angry Beandip
  • Bogalmor
  • MingeePocaMagra

External links

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