About MsF

We are one the many clans in Red Dead Redemption. We do not mod, hack or glitch. We are also the only clan in Red Dead to use expert aiming. You do not have to use it if you don't like expert aim. We just play on expert for fun.

How To join MsF

Contact Xbox Live gamertag: MsF Newchie MsF. You will need to go through basic training.

MsF Leader and Commanders.

Leader: MsF The Joker

Commanders: MsF Newchie MsF

MsF Patdbest4evax


  • Do not shoot a Clan Member in combat or otherwise.
  • Do not run over a Clan Member with your Mount.
  • Do not use any glitches

Red Dead Redemption Glitches that are now in gameplay.

  • Strongman glitch (patched)
  • Deadeye glitch (patched)
  • Wagon glitch (patched)
  • Automatic Gun glitch (patched)
  • Invisable glitch

Red Dead Redemption DLC

Undead Nightmare. 800 pt.

Liars and Cheats. 800 pt.

Huntng and Trading. Free

Legends and killers. 800 pt.

Golden weapon. 800 pt.

Outlaws To The End. Free

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