MsF of Red Dead Redemption is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

Welcome to the official site of the Red Dead Redemption Legends.

Updates and Information...

  • If any clan members don't have an account, please make one now.
  • If their are any problems with this website, please contact MsF Newchie MsF on Xbox Live.

About MsF...

We are one of the many clans in Red Dead Redemption. We do not hack, mod or gltch. We are also one of the many clans that enjoys useing expert aiming on our eneimies. Some of our clan mates enjoy playing Halo Reach. We belive people should play the game and have fun.

Joining the MsF...

To join the Red Dead Redemption MsF clan, contact Xbox Live Gamertag: MsF Newchie MsF. Once you've done that, you will need to pass two tests. The first is called the skill test the seconed test is called the R.A.T. The skill test will challenge you on Expert aim, Normal Aim and Casual Aim. The R.A.T. test will determine how much trust you will bring to the clan. We ask you 10 simple questions in the R.A.T. test. You will also need to get the first part of your gamertag changed to MsF when you have the time and money.


  • MsF Newchie MsF.
  • MsF Patdbest4eva.
  • MsF CrazyNick.
  • MsF Fresh.
  • MsF GrimReaper.
  • MsF Tha Joker.
  • Millons of Jews5.
  • Mizfit606.
  • Crook Gameboy.
  • Atilla960.
  • Too Beast.

Leader and Founder of MsF...

MsF TheJoker.

MsF Hideout's...

  • Armadillo, RDR
  • Blackwater, RDR
  • Manzanitia Post, RDR
  • Tall Tress, RDR

Rules of MsF...

  • Do not run clan members over with your mount.
  • Do not shoot clan members.
  • Do not hack, mod or glitch.

Foes of Red Dead Redemption MsF...

  • The Hated.
  • The Red Calvary.
  • The Roughriders.
  • The Regulators.
  • The W.I.O.
  • The L.A.D
  • The T.F.L.

Red Dead Redemption DLC packs...

  • The Liars and Cheats Pack--800pt.
  • The Legends and Killers Pack--800pt.
  • Undead Nightmare Pack--800pt,
  • Outlaws To The End Pack--Free!
  • Hunting and Trading Pack.--Free!

Glitches that are now in Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Gameplay...

  • The Deadeye Glitch.
  • The Strongmen/Superman Glitch.
  • The Ghost Glitch.
  • The Wagon Glitch.

MsF's Favorite weapons of use...

  • The Bolt Action Rifle.
  • The Buffalo Riflle.
  • The Rolling Block Rifle.
  • The LeMat Revolver.

The MsF Motto...

' Let me win. But if I cannot win, Let me be brave in the attempt.'


Please do not edit this page, unless you are MsF Newchie MsF or and other clan members. Thanks-

MsF Newchie MsF.

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