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Mutilated Porcupines' posse is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Mutilated Porcupines are a wild bunch of savages with horific method and some weird ritual. They tend to mutile themselves with tomahawks and throwing knives, making themselves look like human porcupines. They are neither outlaws nor lawbringers, as they often clears gang hideouts, but shoots every farmer that cross their path. You can see them playing poker and liar's dice, hunting, killing zombies and do lots of other Wild Wild West activities. The posse is now composed of the marshal of Cholla Spring, Leigh Johnson, the well known bounty hunter John Marston and the infamous idealist and gang leader Dutch Van Der Linde.

Joining the posse

You can't join the posse. The posse joins you... wait, what?


  • QC Gunslinger
  • Villagefroid
  • Noisyflame1937

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