Myth Hunters is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Myth Hunters is a group of people very interested in the mysteries in Red Dead Redemption. This started at where the X-Files thread is. There people have posted many interesting things, and myth in RDR were born. For a while people who wanted to learn more about these things just had to wait to see if someone posted something about it in the X-Files thread, but not anymore. Now, there is a site AND posse for it. There are no requirements to joining besides wanting a Myth Hunting community.



  • Camoufrage
  • ucah8er
  • i_am_your_poncho

Other members

  • Sly
  • Mizore
  • Spectral-Form
  • Keeth
  • FzyAttackCactus
  • ananrl2008
  • cookiekiller6
  • ELiiTE666
  • greatmav
  • joeyjoeymc


Myth hunter



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