NCR is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

The NCR show skill and don't glitch or mod i fought with and against them before they are leight not many clans have beat them yet so they are on the top of the hill for now : beans have been beaten by many of clans as they do mod as seen and thought them. dont listen to this crap The new california republic or ncr is a xbos 360 clan of over 100 members we are hardcore free roam and have been around for 7 months we are the creation of some of the best clan leaders and members on red dead redemption we are the military we are not the law but we do keep the peace

Joining the posse

to join the clan just message don scaleta ncr or if you would like more information about the clan are website is and are youtube is TheRealNCR


Don scaleta NCR Rossi NCR Scotman NCR Stvbb5 fear my ncr big mag mike Black heart NCR warborn NCR Buckshot NCR Survior NCR


  • Leader 1 Don scaleta ncr
  • Leader 2
  • leader 3 scotman ncr

Other members

  • leader of the rangers stvbb5
  • leader of first recon fear my ncr
  • leader of the 182 division big mag mike
  • leaders of the royal militia division warborn ncr and buckshot ncr

External links

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