Welcome to the nWo's clan page. This clan started up in early May,late April. We are a fair clan and rarely back down from any fights. We are all experienced players, and have respect for one another. We are a glitch free clan, and fight against the clans and players who do. We take out people from invincibility and prove our points. In our clan, we don't have to glitch to make ourselves look good. Glitch free means we are better than you!

We have taken on quite a few clans and have made them run. And of course, when we are doing good against an enemy clan, they have to be cowards and try and freeze us with undead bait. But guess what, we can use undead bait to. We only use it against players or clans who have done it to us before. So here's your warning, if you wanna try and screw around with nWo for fun, we'll target your clan and get our revenge.

But we can also be a good clan to. We try and help others and show up as friendlys to others. Like I said before, when we take off somebody's invincibility we help out everyone else. Because under that glitch, it's a pathetic player who can't even play fair that most of the time ends up leaving because he knows he was messing with the wrong clan.

To sum it up, this clan helps out a lot of people. And you either like us or hate us. We all rifles, and some shotguns, sniping, rarely use pistols. Dynamite is acceptable, but who doesn't use that?

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