Nachos Burritos is a Red Dead Redemption posse. They were established June 24th 2010. The only reason this posse was created was because eelikay and deltabravo174 were doing Pike's Basin when all of a sudden eelikay had the sudden urge to say something random: "Hay delta, do you want to start a posse?". And that's how it all started.

About the posse

We are a new RDR posse that hopes to one day be big! Oh, also we are all xbox live members because we all strongly believe that PS3s suck hairy...

Joining the posse

Message eelikay on xbox or e-mail him at []. Oh and please no voice messages.




External links

eelikay's website: [1]

eelikay's Youtube Channel: [2]

R0YAL DEADEYE's Youtube Channel: [3]

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