Nasty Boys is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Ain't no more devilish gang in the West than the Nasty Boys. The most bar brawlin', shoot sprawlin', drunk fallin' posse ever known. The Nasty Boys rob banks left and right like it's nobody's business (because The Nasty Boys took all of the business, friend) The Nasty Boys are on no side of the law. You want to beat that pretty lady? Not happening with The Nasty Boys in town. But don't count on your pockets being full of cash after you make a bank deposit either, friend.You want to find them? First look for a sheriff shouting "Those damned Nasty Boys are at it again!" Then look North of the dust cloud you're standing in as they gallop off into the great West. Saddle up.

Joining the posse

It's easy. Ride around getting in drunken bar fights, huntin' across the land and riding free.


  • X D o D G e
  • GutterSharkVIII
  • Rinault23


  • Cailler Country
  • Disgusting Kids

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