New Austin Posse Police And The League of Gentlemen Extraordinaires is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the New Austin Police and the League of Gentlemen Extraordinaires

The New Austin Police and the League of Gentlemen Extraordinaires have but one simple policy that all others then stem from. We do NOT shoot first. We allow other players to go on enjoying their game, but should an unlucky fool decide to take a shot at or kill one of our members, we hunt them down and kill them repeatedly until they ultimately end up hating their life and either quit or change sessions.

  • There is however one exception to this, and that is when there is a player in the posse who has achieved the "Most Wanted" status. When this is the case, any member that approaches our posse without having sent a request to join posse will be shot on sight and quite frankly obliterated.

  • We tend to be quite reasonable, and encourage other players to use their mics and talk to us in game. This tends to result in an extraordinarily fun and amusing time for all players, and respect is given and received.

  • The posse can generally be found in Mexico causing ruckus with the Mexican Army, but we do venture all over the map slaughtering those who intend to impede our progress and joyous time.

Joining the posse


  • Thou shalt have PNP
  • Must like dogs, and slow walks on the beach
  • Must absolutely love Iron Man (Both Movies)

- Must be proven by denouncing your god and worshiping Tony Stark as your leader

  • You must be able to withstand 15.85732 throwing knife attacks
  • Must like Katy Perry
  • Must hate Miley Cyrus

- This includes Hannah Montana

  • You must like girls
  • You must enjoy Jarritos
  • You must build an EZ-Up for the posse
  • Thou shalt consume a 30x30 from In-N-Out
  • No Pedofiles
  • Must have 3 or more years of Red Dead Redemption experience
  • Must be able to eat a quarter and shit out 2 dimes and a nickel
  • Must get a throwing knife kill on a skunk from at least 999 yards

- Use of Dead Eye is acceptable when using expert targeting only

  • Must achieve a bounty of at least 76,000 using only the Schofield revolver
  • Must sign away your soul to the posse



  • Deceased
    • (Help Wanted, Please Apply For Position Below)

Other members

  • Sgt-S-Wiggles
  • Maj-A-Skittles
  • Brombones101
  • Corp_HART_attack

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