• The Flag

New California Republic is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a PSN clan. We are a democracy.Dedicated to values such as democracy, liberty, and a rule of law. We have a president named Ron and we basically rule PSN. Anyone who doesn't agree, fight and we'll see. We are always up for a fight and take over what we want


We are open to alliances and will help if you need it. For example, if it is 5 to 8 vs 1 to 4, then we will assist.

Favorite Sayings

Trolling Winning

How to join posse

We will have you come in and vote

Some rules

We don't associate with Vchapman, so do not bring him in. Do not kill posse members(unless told to by president or vice president). No glitching. Kill/Kick glitchers on sight. You'll find out more if you join republic.


+The Milkman Clan





Since we are a democracy, we have a president and a vice president.


The-Bode-Vice President

Other members

  • RedZebra333 (NCR Veteran Ranger)
  • iRedDeadOutlaw
  • BtrThnDeveloprs

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