New World Orphans is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

New World Orphans was founded by MOSTDOPExNWOx as a sign of rebellion against the New World. We are the original Outlaws of this country, and we will fight to the death to maintain our way of living.

Joining the posse

We, the New World Orphans, have only a few simple rules and regulations to abide by. If you want to join our fight, you must live by our beliefs.Together we are a powerful force, together we will win the Revolution.

1. No Team Killing

2. Must Have Microphone

3. Represent and Respect the Name of New World Orphans.

You must message MOSTDOPExNWOx for an application.


Cult Leader:


The Renegades

  • xXShimmyXx
  • M3rkMurder3573
  • aardvark spleen
  • slayer617
  • KiNg McRiBxnWox
  • T0x1K I3uLLETz

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