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The Nice Boys Logo

Nice Boys is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are the most honorable posse in the Wild West. If we see anybody asking for help or is in trouble, we must help them. We do not kill innocent people but only outlaws and troublemakers. We are rivals with another posse called the Evil Boys, who are a bunch of crooks who like nothing more than torturing people. If you are men or women of honor, please join this great posse and we shall bring justice to the Wild West! We are also a very team-based posse. If a posse member is in trouble or requires assistance, it is your job to help him or her, just as it is to help anyone else.

Joining the posse

To join the posse, you must solemnly swear that you will not, absolutely not kill any innocent civilian on purpose. There will be times when we blow up a few innocents, but there is no way you can just shoot anybody you like. Also, you must promise that you will not partake in any criminal activity other than killing or harming outlaws and the Evil Boys. Well, you can also steal their horses too... If you will follow all these guidelines, you may message me and I will gladly accept you as a new member of the Nice Boys! (PSN only)


(Please contact Pirakahunter788 or Heavy_Gamer10 if you wish to join.)


  • Leader : Heavy_Gamer10
  • Co-Leader : Pirakahunter788


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