It is true that Rockstar has not added any Asian playable character, so just play as a Native or Rebelde since they have a strong Asian DNA.

                                           Contact these people on XBOX LIVE only

Rank 50 prestige 4 ANBU (Black Ops) Clan leader- Anyone willing to take this position

Rank 50 prestige 4 Jonin (Elite)- UshaneBholt5, expert with throwing and melee weapons. A-rank assassin.

Rank 50 prestige 2 Special Jonin- Salamone738, expert with pistol whipping, nothing much else.

Rank 42 below prestige 2 Chunin- Anyone who is good enough. And shows respect. Receives middle standard Ninja training.

Rank What ever Candidates- You guys who wants to join this "secret" clan.

                                          'Secret', 'secret' Hideout

Our 'secret' hideout is Cochinay, it was built to destroy any intruders and intruders only.


- Always obey the leader, otherwise get chopped down. - Never leave a Ninja team mate behind, or face the consequences. - Destroy each target at least six times. - Spy on targets when ordered to. - Kill targets when ordered to. - Do not violently interact with an opposing gang unless they attack first. - Practice using throwing weapons. - Understand the area.

Cowboy ninja

"This is what you will become after learning our ways".

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