ONYX (XBL) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

ONYX is run by a three part council, we have only a few requirements. We live by the 5 CODES OF ONYX and any in our ranks who breaks a code is exiled upon trial. Upon exile you are banished from ONYX and you may repeal this judgement with new findings or evidence. Old or used evidence is not applicable to a repeal session. The member on trial is alowwed one representitive to act as his/her attorney. There is a jury of 5 members/allies to hear the court case. ONYX is an XBOX LIVE ONLY clan. Go to our Wiki at for more info on joining and also for contact information

Joining the posse

We have 8 requirements: 1. All members must have a mic 2. All members must be age 13 or older 3. All members must be level 10 or above 4. No players may have a relationship of any kind with a member of ONYX or of a rival clan 5. No player may be a law enforcement of any kind 6. You must be interview before testing 7. The initiation test covers your respect, skill, and ability to follow orders and have fun 8. Any member who breaks the 5 CODES OF ONYX will be executed at our base or on site depending on severity of crime



  • ZERO N7
  • BigNIrish29

Other members

  • Ajax Zx
  • ATR Warkid (AKA Copyright HD)
  • FireWalkWIthMee
  • And More To Come! Who Knows it maybe you!



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