Outer Haven

OUTERHAVEN is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse


BASE: Wreck of Serendipity

This is only the beginning, America will descend into chaos... It'll be the Wild West all over again. No law, no order. Fire will spread across the world. The people will fight... and through battle, they will know the fullness of life.

This so for those who want a way out from other clans and who have back stab them. We help those who seek it in the right way. Plus just to have fun too.

Joining the posse

Must be well trained in the field. Cause no drama or be immature. MUST NOT DO ANY GLITCHES: MEANING 360s, invincibility glitch and anything associated with being a cheat.


  • Founder/Commander: OUTERHAVEN_LO


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