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Old Wild West is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This posse is fights for the Old West. Some Rules:

- Posse members shouldn't use semi automatic weapons in Free Roam.

- Posse members shouldn't use unsaddle horse, bull, buffalo, mule and nag.

- All posse members must use their own mount or use stagecoach, wagon, cart...

- Posse members can't kill other animals without the consent of the leaders (If you in hunting area, you can kill animals. Otherwise just kill humans.)

- Posse members NEVER can't kill him/herself and cannot kill Old Wild West posse members.

- Posse hideout is Cochinay.

- Posse members can't use transportation.

- In Cochinay, mounts must stay at pen (With goats and pigs.)

- All other players is enemy.

- I don't want objection but you can proposal to me.

- All players will use different character.

- Never betrayal to members (like kill, stole horse.)

- In Tesoro Azul members can't kill prostitutes.

Joining the posse

You need PS3 and PSN.



  • Viper
  • J-D

Other members

  • Member 1
  • Member 2
  • Member 3 etc.
  • Member
  • Member

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